Capturing moments, creating memories and telling stories through photography.

  • Portraits for individuals

    A way to immortalize yourself, your loved ones or an important moment in your life.

  • Corporate photography

    Highlight your product or service, convey a message or showcase your company's team.

  • Workshops

    Acquire techniques and learn new styles. From beginners to photography to specialized portrait photography.

Immortalize the special moments we want to remember forever.

I have always enjoyed working with people and starting a job with a good conversation. To get a good photograph you have to know how to listen to the client to know what they expect from their image.

Once I understand what a client is looking for in a photograph, I focus on the technical aspects such as choosing the right light for their face, styles, etc.

At the beginning my photos were looking for a theme, a reason, but with time (or age, I don't know) justifications are less and less frequent and I simply do what I feel like and let the result speak for itself.

Learn about the different types of behind-the-scenes photographs I take.

Contact me if you have any questions or want to hire a photography service.

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Wide photograph of Megui\'s studio